Done and done: The “Gwen” skirt

20160823_150512This is possibly the longest I’ve ever taken to complete a single garment. It started when I pulled my sister-in-law’s name for our family secret santa. Hot off a pattern alteration course, I decided that I wanted to design the ultimate skirt for Gwen. Several paper drafts, fittings and two muslins later, I finally got to cut into that vintage wool. I’m quite proud of this skirt as it has many very intentional features that I designed with Gwen in mind.


  1. Classic, flattering silhouette. Gwen can wear this to work or for a nice dinner out and the classic A-line cut means it’s not going to go out of style.
  2. A facing instead of a waistband. This is for two reasons: a facing doesn’t add unnecessary bulk like a waistband does (especially in wool!) and it makes it super easy to take in our let out the skirt.
  3. Bias cut hip panels. I wanted to make sure that Gwen could actually move comfortably in this skirt, so I cut the fabric on the bias from waist to hip to get some sneaky stretch in there. I also wanted to pay with the stripes to add some subtle visual interest. 20160823_150422
  4. The pleat-panel. As with the bias cut, I wanted to give Gwen lots of mobility so she could chase toddlers and not worry about flashing anyone. Instead of a slit, she got knife pleats in the back so she can run and bend over and know she’s not giving people behind her a show. 20160823_150518

I can’t wait to see Gwen in it!


6 thoughts on “Done and done: The “Gwen” skirt

  1. ack those pleats are delicious. And I’m loving the triangular effect of the bias hip panels… I’d love to hear how this goes practically for wearing – does it bag out at all? I’m keen to give this a try!

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