Done and Done: The Mustard Dress

Sometimes, sewing is a labour of love that’s more about the process than it is about the finished product. This is exactly what this dress is about.

I have worn this dress exactly one time and it was the first and last time that dress will come out of my closet. As a garment on the hanger, this dress gets a 11/10, but as a piece of clothing I actually want to wear, it gets maybe a 3. And that’s being generous.

Done and done: another babywearing sweater

Earlier this year, I made my husband two babywearing hoodies and only got around to blogging one!
For the Breaking Ground Blog Tour, I made a wearable muslin out of polar fleece before making another out of a thinner knit. The idea was for Mike to have one warmer sweater and a lighter one for those mild summer evenings.

Done and done: The yellow ruffle blouse

This is take two on this Burda PDF pattern. I wasn’t 100 per cent happy with my first, gingham version of this blouse, so I decided to make it again in this fun, drapey black and yellow print, which I stabilized the heck out of. I’m particularly excited about this blouse for several reasons: The sheerness…