Done and Done: A nubby black Blackwood Cardigan

I rushed to make up a Blackwood before a weekend away in Toronto and I am so glad I did. I will probably wear this cardigan every single day. I didn’t have the time to send the pattern out to be printed for me, so I cut and paste it on my own. Even with pattern assembly, this project only took me two days to complete.

I used a black jaquard with raised fluffy dots that photographs terribly, but I promise is awesome. It only barely had the minimum required 40 per cent stretch, so I sized up when I cut it out. This ended up being unnecessary and it looked a little too slouchy, so I took it in a quarter inch down the side and around the arm scye. This was super duper easy as the sleeve isn’t set in.

Done and Done: The Chanel Coat

This coat has been many years in the making. In September 2015, I decided I would take a sewing class at a local shop to “unlearn bad habits” and work my way up to a pattern alteration course. I knew I probably had to start with a beginner class, so I signed up for a basic skirt course.  When I walked in to the shop, I immediately fell in love with the most amazing grey and silver wool in a rose pattern. I asked if I could use that for my skirt. “It’s Chanel,” was the response. So I guess that means no? 

How to: Pattern Hack a Knit Kalle Top

For a long time, I’ve been searching for the ideal top for work: easy to wear, comfy and versatile. I wanted a knit box top that passes the lean over test (I’m a teacher), has enough detail to pass as a work shirt, but casual enough to wear on a weekend and is basically secret pyjamas. I thought to myself, I pretty much want the Closet Case Kalle, but in a knit and without a collar. And then I remembered that I can do that, so I did.

I whipped up three so I could perfect my method before sharing this hack with you, and I’m pretty confident in this top. It. Is. The. Best. There are shockingly few adjustments to make to this pattern to make it knit-appropriate and the great design details Closet Case snuck in for the woven version still elevate this top in a stretchy fabric. If you are looking for your spring/summer uniform, look no further!