Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 5 (or, “taking for fricken ever to finish”

The past week has been super busy. We were at my parents’ until Wednesday and then spent Thursday and Friday getting caught up on laundry (#momlife, amirite?)… so very little sewing happenend this week. I’d planned to have my dress done before going on this trip, but obviously that didn’t happen. But, I got that scarf done (you know, the one I started after Christmas?)! That must count?

Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 4 (or ” When did button holes get so hard?”)

We’re on the home stretch for traveling this summer, so I spent this week again preparing for sewing on the go. Luckily (I guess?), I didn’t do all thensewing I wanted to while camping last week, so I had some stuff saved up that I could do by hand. Unfortunately, I got kind of lazy while visiting my parents and didn’t get it done this week.

Babywearing insert

This past winter, I made a maternity insert for my favourite fleece so I could continue to be active outdoors during my pregnancy. Then, I made my husband two babywearing hoodies (a lighter version and a heavier fleece) using a unisex pattern which I planned to make up for myself.