Done and Done: A Navy and Burgundy Archer

It must be fall because I am sewing with burgundy plaid. I had a pretty strict colour palette going with my fall/winter sewing plans, but that went out the window when I saw these navy-and-wine checks. I loved my old faithful red plaid Archer, but I’ve literally washed and worn it to pieces, so it…

Done and Done: The Megan Nielsen River Top

For a very, very long time, I have been searching for the perfect work top pattern. I want something that is simple, professional and cool. I’ve been really digging the Megan Nielsen Patterns’ aesthetic lately, so I thought I would give the River Top a try. 

I picked up some slightly stretchy viscose batiste from Fabrications in black and ecru. I’m pretty sure these fabrics are meant for lining, but I said who cares and I am glad I did. They are super soft, drapey, and ultra light, though not light enough to show through as long as you are wearing a matching bra. They do wrinkly pretty easy, so I would stay away from any kind of remotely structured pattern. This fabric is definitely what I am lining everything with from now on. 

Done and done: a reversible Blackwood Cardigan

This sweater has technically been done for a while, but I only just finished it to the point of wanting to wear it this weekend, so I’m going to count it as fresh off the machine. 
I bought this knit double gauze this summer and knew I had to take full advantage of it as a reversible garment. I liked the idea of having one multi-outfit cardigan for travelling, so I decided it would become a Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet.  I’ve made this pattern a couple of times (both short and long) so I felt it was a good candidate for experimentation.