Planning for Me Made May

Last May, I was a brand-new mother and figuring out nursing bras and living in spit-up stained sweats. I scrolled through my Instagram feed while nursing for hours and hours, wistfully watching Me Made May happen at a distance. When I started to sew again, I knew I wanted to make it my goal to…

Done and Done: A Stripey Blackwood Cardigan

I went to Toronto in February and told my mother- and sister-in-law that I did not, under any circumstances, want to buy any fabric. I thought I was safe since we wouldn’t be in any neighbourhoods with fabric stores. But then, we walked past a designer selling ends of their fabrics so I looked.

And then I bought. And now, I’m regretting not getting more. This designer (I cannot for the life of me remember the name) was selling bolts and rolls of really, really nice knits and suiting. The knits were going for $5 per metre, so I grabbed two metres of a basic navy and white stripe for a grand total of $11.30. 

The fabric was a bit thicker and fairly stable and so the perfect candidate for a Blackwood Cardigan.  I toyed with the idea of making a super long one again, but I knew that this sweater would be my go-with-everything cardi for traveling this summer and it would need to work until a light coat. 

Post-Partum Sewing: Your After-Baby Capsule.

This is part three in a three-part series on Post-Partum Sewing. In the first post, I wrote about why you NEED to sew the clothes you plan on wearing right after your baby is born. Last week, I listed tips on planning to sew in those first few weeks and months. 
Now, for the fun part: planning your after-baby capsule! Luckily (or unluckily), you’ll be doing tons of laundry and will be able to wash and re-wear your new me-made faves multiple times a week, so a capsule wardrobe of just a few items is going to get you through your parental leave. I’ve compiled some patterns that I’ve either seen around or made that I think would contribute to an easy-to-make capsule that is comfy and makes you feel awesome. I’ve also broken it down to five main categories: loungewear, casual outings, “nice” outings, accessories and outerwear, and special occasion.