Done and Done: The Jessica Dress

I fell in love with a beautiful pattern by Style Arc, but was super confused when I learned that you bought one size when you purchased the pattern. Even though they send you the size up and down with it, it really weirded me out since I couldn’t find finished measurements and I don’t always…

Done and Done: The banana Kalle tunic

“Sam, we get it. You really like Kalles.” 

I promise this will be the last one (for a while) and I don’t have tons tons to say about since I’ve written extensively about my love of this pattern.

I had originally planned on this being a Kalle shirt-dress, but after realizing I didn’t love my sailboats version  as much as I expected, I decided to chop this one off to a tunic length, too. What I didn’t remember, until I had finished the whole dang thing – bias binding and all – was that I had shortened both of my other Kalles by two inches.

Me Made May: A Month in Review

I missed out on Me Made May last year as I was dealing with a newborn and obviously none of my clothes fit my freshly post-partum body. I had lofty goals for this MMMay, which had to be re-jigged more than once.
Since about Christmas, I told myself that I would wear exclusively Me Made for MMMay18. I had planned to invest time into making the Sasha Trousers my go-to pant pattern, but didn’t manage to get as many pairs done as I wanted in time for May.