Tips for Sewing More, Better, Faster

I spent a good portion of my time in 2017 changing how I sew. I had a baby, so sewing went from being a hobby to a necessity for my sanity and changing body. I read, researched and tried a great deal of things to help me sew more, better and faster. Read on if your 2018 sewing goals involve squeezing in more time to sew or squeezing out more, better makes in the time you already have.

Mindful sewing: plans for 2018

One of my favourite parts of the New Year is getting to reflect on my sewing so I can make more, better faster in the future. This year, I sifted through all of my sewing projects for 2017 and did a little analysis. In total, I made 19 projects. Of all of those projects one…

Done and Done: A Ribbed, Split-hem Linden

For my husband’s side, we pull names for a sort of Secret Santa and for three out of the last four years, I’ve pulled my sister-in-law’s name. You may remember two years ago, I designed a custom skirt for her. My original plan was to make her a blazer to go with that skirt, but in November she basically bought exactly what I intended to make. I decided to swing from office wear to lounge wear and make her the coziest and chic-est top and cowl to snuggle up in.