Done and Done: The Pink Sequin Dress (Simplicity 1873)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this dress has been a struggle. Some of the issues I had were sequin-related (and I’ve got a whole post dedicated to that coming soon) and some weren’t. This dress took a lot of work, research and crowd-sourced encouragement.

I’m turning 31 on March 31st meaning that this is my champagne birthday. My drink of choice is sparkling wine and I was suuuuuuuper pregnant for my 30th, so I told everyone to hold off celebrating last year because 31 would be the year. 

Mindful sewing: Making Clothes for your Post-Partum bod

Have you ever procrastinated finishing a garment because you’re a little afraid of how it will fit? That’s what happening right now. I am procrasti-blogging because I’m terrified that my pink sequin dress will actually look terrible. 

I’ve made this pattern four times; I know it works on me. I made a muslin. I’m using a stretch woven with a fair amount of body which is pretty forgiving. I’ve done everything I can (short of sewing a solid, black sack) to make sure that this dress will be a success, yet, when I put the bodice on “just to see” it didn’t look great.

How to: Make Your Own Passport Holder

This is the quickest, easiest little project that can be whipped out during a short nap or over the course of a couple of commercial breaks. It’s easy as pie if you are a beginner sewist or don’t have a machine. These little passport holders make the perfect little gift (or stocking stuffer, because, really, who hasn’t already started their Christmas crafting?) and can be cut out of teensy scraps or fat quarters.