Done and Done: The limoncello Kalle

If you’ve been following along with my Me Made May posts at all, you’ll know that I am head over heels in love with my Plum Kalle Tunic. I whipped it up the weekend before I went back to work and did not expect it to be my go-to top for everything. Obviously I needed…

Done and Done: A Plum Closet Case Kalle tunic

Do you remember that need to have a new outfit for the first day of school? I still have that compulsion and thought that I had made enough garments while off on leave to feel like I had something “new” to wear on my first day back to work. Apparently, nothing was quite new or special enough, because I decided Friday of the long weekend that I needed a brand new top for Tuesday.

I had already made several knit versions of the Kalle and made many Archers earlier this year, so I had a really good idea of how long I would need to make this top up. The fabric had been calling to me since my Husband gifted it to me on our second anniversary in 2016, but I couldn’t ever find the exact right pattern for it. I was suddenly struck that it needed to be a Kalle tunic immediately. I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I shorted the tunic by two inches (which I can get away with as I’m short), but I think I’ll go back to the recommended length when I make it next.

Done and Done: A Stripey Mandy Boat Tee

Am I the only one who can’t let scraps be scraps? I had a little less than a metre left of the navy striped knit from my Blackwood (well, it was actually closer to .75m when I think about it) and knew I could make it into something. I decided to try the free Mandy Boat Tee pattern from Tessuti Fabrics. I mean, who doesn’t like a free pattern?