100 Things I’ve learned about sewing

In honour of my 100th blog post, I’ve compiled a list of one thing from each of my blog posts (in order, from earliest to most recent – so don’t judge the early ones!). I started this blog in 2012, took a couple year break from 2012 to 2015 and have been trying to post consistently (roughly weekly) since —-. I originally began blogging as a way to force myself to learn more about sewing and record (and share!) my new knowledge. Looking back on my first projects, it’s easy to see that I have learned a lot. Hopefully some of this hard-earned wisdom can help the sewists of the internet improve their sewing, too!

Done and Done: The Mint Kitty Cat Linden

Over the past weeks, I’ve been waxing poetic about the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio.  This next top has nothing to do with my fall capsule, but I love it so much any way. 
 In the winter, I made the cutest maternity top with these adorable mint kitties. I kept the scraps because that’s what you do with fabric this cute. When I discovered how little fabric was necessary for a Linden Sweatshirt, I got really excited and immediately ran to my scrap bag. I had exactly enough to cut a shirt front (but no back) from the mangiest piece of fabric (not a straight edge in sight. I totally had to eyeball the grain).

Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 12

As my self-imposed deadline for my fall capsule approaches, I am sewing with increased mania. I’m also heading away for a mid-week getaway to Montreal (for fabric shopping and a Hanson concert, what elese?) and reeeeeallllly want to get my last Archer done before then. Oh, and I also decided to throw a third, unplanned…