Post-Partum Sewing: Planning for Sewing After You Have a Baby

This is part two in a three-part series on Post-Partum Sewing. Last week, I wrote about all the reasons you NEED to sew your own clothes after having a baby. Next week, I’ll be writing about your ideal post-partum capsule and what patterns I found worked best for my after-baby bod.  Last week, I wrote…

Post-Partum Sewing: Why you should plan to make your clothes after having a baby

A few months before my daughter was born, I chatted with my very accomplished quilter Aunt who set me up with all of the books and material required to make quilted sewing machine covers. In my mind, just after having a baby was the perfect time to learn how to quilt a small project because, obvs, I was not going to sew clothes. I had zero expectation of having time to sew, so I figured I could take my year mat leave to a) get back to my “normal” shape (haha!) and b) very slowly finish a couple of little projects.

I am here to tell you that my logic was 100 per cent wrong and to convince you to not only try to sew clothes post partum, but also implore you to plan to sew a butt-ton of new garments. Or even to learn to sew clothes. Seriously, there has never been a better time.

Done and Done: A nubby black Blackwood Cardigan

I rushed to make up a Blackwood before a weekend away in Toronto and I am so glad I did. I will probably wear this cardigan every single day. I didn’t have the time to send the pattern out to be printed for me, so I cut and paste it on my own. Even with pattern assembly, this project only took me two days to complete.

I used a black jaquard with raised fluffy dots that photographs terribly, but I promise is awesome. It only barely had the minimum required 40 per cent stretch, so I sized up when I cut it out. This ended up being unnecessary and it looked a little too slouchy, so I took it in a quarter inch down the side and around the arm scye. This was super duper easy as the sleeve isn’t set in.