Stretch your Serger Skills

At long last I get to talk at length about my newfound appreciation for my serger. I was sewing this summer when pieces literally started falling from my machine as I sewed, so I figured it was time to get my machine serviced. I brought it in to the Ottawa Sewing Centre where they took very good care of my machine. It now hums quietly instead of making you check out the windows to see if a drag race is raging down your street. As a result, I was without my machine for a little more than three weeks. 

Done and Done: The Briar tshirt

I know it’s been a hot minute since I blogged, but I was taking my yearly summer break to reset and hoping to get some other posts out first. Ah well. 

I shouldn’t downplay how awesome this t-shirt is. You know when you nail the fabric+pattern combo and it’s just perfection? I picked up this fabric at the Alfatex store in Bremen this summer and planned on keeping it in my stash for a while, but then my sewing machine had to go into the shop and I was FORCED to work exclusively on my serger.

Done and Done: The Chambray Cactus Jessica

Full disclosure: I am typing this in the dark, at 10:30 Monday night while my daughter sleeps just a fee feet away. All in the name of consistency, dear readers, and keeoing to a regular blogging schedule. Really, it’s just #momlife and basically being a nomad in the summer. I bought this fabric a couple…