An even more mini capsule for Baby Doll

For Christmas, I made my daughter and her baby doll matching Geraniums and my daughter recently realized that she had the same shirt in her drawer as her baby was wearing. Despite the top being too small and too hot for June, it’s the first thing she picks out of her drawer. While making C’s…

A mini capsule wardrobe for my mini

Hello again, friends! I’m back after a week of the plague (ie. gastro ran through our house) and ready to tell you all about my #momwins of the last weeks. We’ve been really lucky to not have to buy my daughter many clothes as she gets pretty much everything as a hand-me-down from her cousin….

My Me Made May in Review

June is (allegedly) here so so I get to reflect on my Me Made May experience and impart any lessons I learned. If you weren’t following along on Instagram you might not know that I failed miserably at posting photos each day (which is what I did last year) and there are many reasons why….