2022 Sewist Gift Guide

I’m back again with my Christmas list to help you inspire yours! I got smart a few years ago and started a little note on my phone with gift ideas for myself and my family so that when grand parents start asking what we want for Christmas, I would be ready. Here’s what’s on my list this year:

  • Stationary supplies. I always tell people that printer paper, scotch tape (the “magic” kind) and glue sticks are things I always need more of.
  • Other sewing consumables. I’m also asking for 28 mm rotary blades and steam-a-seam, and fray check in my stocking.
  • A leather purse kit. The first time I saw someone online making their own leather bag, I knew I needed to, as well. I am very into this pink and brown one and this white and brown one.
  • A thimble container. I used to have the rose gold one, but it broke 😦 I’d love to replace it with this pearl white one, though!
  • Kid’s clothing size labels. I make clothes for my kids on occasion, but I never know what to do with them when they grow out of them. If I label them with a size, I could donate them and know that they’ll get to a kid the right size!
  • A Gutermann Thread Colour Chart. I’m pretty good at guessing, but this would make me so much more confident when ordering online.
  • This turning set. I could definitely have used this a few times this year for ties and straps.
  • Resistance bands for pilates. I like this set because it’s pretty and has multiple options!
  • Large Silicone bags. There are some things you need a resealable bag for (for me, storing herbs) and washing ziplock bags doesn’t last forever.

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my past gift guides!

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