Gifts to Ask for This Holiday Season

I’ve been moving toward reducing my waste and living more minimally, and have realized that gifts are a high source of anxiety for me. I hate getting gifts. I have very particular taste and am extremely choosy about what I let into my home. We’re a family of four in an apartment, so you can probably guess why.

What I’ve realized, though, is that while I hate receiving gifts, the people in my life love giving me gifts. While it used to make me feel icky as an adult to make a Christmas list, I’ve decided that I’d rather guide the generous people in my life so that they don’t waste their money (or my headspace) on stuff I don’t want. So, like every year, I’m sharing with you my list so you can help the people in your life get good gifts, too. Feel free to share this whole list!

This year, I’m asking for:

  • A ring light. I’ve realized I need to to take half decent progress shots of my sewing. I do most of my sewing at night, so it’s hard to get good pictures. I’d love one that I can adjust to point downward onto the floor or a table top;
  • A bunch of beeswax. We’ve gotten into candles and making our own wraps so I honestly would be super happy with a high hunk of it. And maybe a second hand metal grater so I can grate it easily;
  • A pinking rotary cutter. I hate using pinking shears as they hurt like heck, but it looks like pinking blades only exist for 45mm cutters. My current one is 28mm so I would love a second;
  • A digital candy/meat thermometer. I have an analog one, but for my DIY sugar wax, a digital thermometer would make things so much easier. And we’re constantly worried about our meat being well-cooked, so…
  • A Pom Pom maker. I’ve done all the hacks and I can never get my Pom poms full and round. A couple of sizes appropriate for kids and adult hats would be awesome;
  • Metal funnels. We buy a lot in bulk now and decanting is a pain without a funnel;
  • Jaime Oliver’s new cookbook 7 Ways. I’m a big fan of his recipes as they’re delicious, pretty balanced and easy. He’s got five kids, so he knows what it’s like to feed a family;
  • Duck-billed appliqué scissors. For grading seams, of course!
  • Nice linen napkins (in a light neutral if anyone who buys me gifts is reading). I realize I could make them, but it wouldn’t be fun and it’s honestly probably cheaper to just buy;
  • Literally anything from Atelier Brunette. Fabric, buttons, bias. I love all of it;
  • Gift cards. Honestly, what would bring me the most joy is some money towards fabric and supplies! My fave spots are Fabrications, Darrell Thomas Textiles and Cleaner’s Supply.

Here are lists from years past: 2019, 2018,

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