Maternity and Post Partum



Favourite maternity patterns

Done and done: Avery leggings

Chalk and Notch Pony Tank

Done and done: a Maternity-hacked Charlie Caftan

Goldilegs Jeggings

Orchid Dress by Chalk and Notch

The Megan Nielsen Cara Maternity Tshirt

Maternity Bikini

Early Pregnancy/Post Partum Capsule

Maternity / Baby-wearing jacket insert

A (Baby-Wearing/Maternity) Kelly Anorak

Maternity hack: The snowsuit

Maternity hacking your favourite top patterns

Post Partum

The Calvin Wrap Dress

Self Care for New Parent Makers

Done and Done: The Suki robe

 Maternity / Baby-wearing jacket insert

A (Baby-Wearing/Maternity) Kelly Anorak

Planning for Sewing After You Have a Baby

Your After-Baby Capsule.

Why you should plan to make your clothes after having a baby

Making Clothes for your Post-Partum bod

Babywearing insert