Done and done: Avery leggings

img_3425.jpgIf I have one sewing regret, it’s that I didn’t start sewing Averys sooner. I recently hacked the Avery pattern into swim trunks and was pretty impressed. I finally got around to making actual leggings with the pattern and am pretty sure they are the only bottoms I will wear for the next year.

For some reason, I have avoided making leggings for a really long time and they were one of the last things I continued to buy rtw as a default. I tried to make a pair with a Seamwork pattern a while ago, but that very much did not work out. Not only was the fit off, but I hated the way I did the hem and started at it every time I wore them (which I did occasionally on laundry day). I think the real turning point was getting a cover stitch because now I know I can hem my leggings easily and prettily.

img_3426I did the high-waist, ankle length version. I ended up chopping off about two inches on the length, but only because I prefer my leggings to end a bit above my ankle bone. I decided not to add elastic in the waist because I want these Otherwise, I did no alterations and as far as I can tell, these leggings fit pretty amazingly. While they did fit over my bump at 36 weeks, I did have to pull them up often and know that if I tried to walk any kind of distance I would be annoyed. That said, I really wish I had made these earlier on in my pregnancy because I could have easily worn these to six or seven months pregnant.

The other remarkable thing about these leggings is that they are light blue. I am a very strictly black/navy/charcoal on the bottom kind of gal, but this fabric was on sale so I thought I might as well. (It’s similar to this pink.) I’m definitely a fan as it’s ridic easy to work with and completely opaque. I’m excited to have pants in an actual colour!

Once I am actually able to wear these, I’ll post some pictures of me wearing them! I’m pretty sure they are going to become fast favourites.

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