Done and Done: a doll carrier

img_3429.jpgI try not to post a ton about what I sew for my kid(s!!!), but wanted to make sure that I documented this one more for myself than anyone else. I made a little mei-tai for my nephew when my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece, but never posted about it or recorded the process in any way which made it really hard to find the tutorial I used when I wanted to make another one.

wp-image1865471644.jpgI read a tip somewhere that a good way to help an older child transition when they suddenly get a new sibling is to have the baby “give” a gift to the other child (and the other way around – we’re actually holding a “birthday party” for the new kid and my daughter is REALLY excited about it). I decided to make a carrier for my daughter as my plan is to wear my newborn pretty much all the time because I don’t actually know how people with toddlers manage any other way. So my daughter is getting a doll carrier from her new brother or sister very soon. (Please note that I am batch-writing blog posts in advance and it is ENTIRELY possible the baby has already been born when this is published!)

img_3428.jpgI wanted to use the same tutorial, but had a really, really hard time finding it. I originally located it four years ago via pinterest, and found the same pin pretty quickly, but it took me through a series of links that eventually ended up at a dead end. I looked at a few other tutorials, but none was as easy as the original I used. I did eventually locate the tutorial I was looking for here.

I like this one because it is ridiculously straight forward. I did everything pretty much as the instructions indicate and even added a layer of some kind of quilting batting my aunt gave me when I thought I might try quilting. I used some quilting cotton I got on mega sale at Fabrications. Both fabrics are now gone, but they do have the one in another colourway.

I’ve been trying to point out to my daughter when other moms are wearing their babies so that she hopefully gets what the carrier is when she receives it, but so far, she doesn’t really seem to care. I guess we will find out when the baby comes!

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