Done and Done: The dressing robe

This was the last item on my “to make” list before the baby comes. I am writing this in advance, so it is entirely possible the baby has arrived by the time this is published. Cross your fingers for me!

I’ve wanted a robe for a really long time, and this seemed a good moment to finally make one. I figured the robe by Helen’s Closet would be good for labouring in the hospital (to cover my bum in one of the glamourous hospital gowns, but also for wearing around the house post-partum so I feel slightly dressed up, even if I am just wearing pyjamas.

I got this gorgeous floral viscose challis lawn at Fabrications and was sooooo excited to get to sew with it. It fits in perfectly with my general colour palette and I was feeling like I needed a bit of print in my life. It’s beautifully drapey, but seems to be opaque and feels so nice on my skin. It’s a bit shifty, so take care when pinning and cutting, but is otherwise pretty easy to sew with.

I expected this to be a really quick sew as I’ve made robe/cover up type things before and it’s been fast. I realized this robe was not the same when I opened the pattern and realized how many pieces there are. This isn’t to say that this is a complicated pattern, but includes many detailed features such as belt loops and a hanging loop, a really pretty sort of collar and bands to finish the arm holes.

I really appreciated the options Helen offers when it comes to construction and finishing. The pattern envelope says this is an “advanced beginner/ intermediate” pattern and that is very true. Helen gives multiple options for finishing (particularly when it comes to the neckband) that can make the robe quicker or more complicated to put together. I definitely went the short-cut route this time as I was feeling the pressure to finish quickly. If I make this again (and I may) I will definitely take my time on the finishing.

While it’s hard to get a read on how this will look on my non-pregnant body, I’m pretty happy with this robe. I’ve already tucked it away in my hospital bag and am excited to get to use it when baby comes. Who doesn’t want to look chic while labouring in a hospital?



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