Done and Done: The Popcicle Robe

20180611_1906511465127781.jpgI found this fabric at Tonitex during my shopping trip to Montreal in the fall and have been DYING to cut into it. It took a long time to decide what I wanted to make, but I am glad I waited because this cover up is possibly one of my favourite things ever.

To make this, I used the Melly Sews tutorial, but made many, many changes. Her video is super clear, and this is one of the easiest things ever to make, so beginners – this one is for you! Seriously, if you can sew in a straight line, you can do this.

20180611_1912331463640483.jpgMelly has step-by-step instructions to measure for your robe. I decided that instead of sleeves, I wanted to make mine super wide and basically just have openings in the side seams for my arms. (Lately I am team No Sleeves all the way!).  I also knew I wanted to make my robe super long and have it come down to my knees. My main rectangle of fabric measured 41 inches by 41 inches.

20180611_191349110814020.jpgTo make it easier to finish the sleeve holes, starting on the sides at about 15 inches from the top, I cut a curve about 1 inch into the side to give a little faux sleeve, much like the Kalle Tunic does (Look at the line drawing). 

Other than that, I followed along with the tutorial pretty closely. I’ve already worn this to work as part of my outfit and I’m so excited to take this out at the beach!

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