Easy gifts to Make 2019

Holiday gift crafters fall into two categories: The Over-Planner who intends on giving everyone a handmade gift and starts making as soon as the first leaf begins to turn or The Procrastinator who is panicking mid-December because you still haven’t even decided what you’re going to make people. I somehow manage to be both: I plan long, elaborate gift lists, schedule them out, finish early (as planned) and then decide I have time to make more and then run around trying to find materials.

Last year, I wrote a round-up of gifts ideas to make and figured I would do so again. If you are a close friend or family member, close this tab immediately as it is very, very possible you are receiving something on this list.img_3563

  1. A sleep mask. I made myself one and love it. Super quick and requires veeeeery little fabric. This could be a fun use to indulge in a fat quarter of quilting cotton!
  2. Beeswax wraps. We have a bunch and use them all the time. I plan on making a bunch of matching sets in a variety of sizes ranging from ramekin to lasagna pan.
  3. Matching outfits. I’ve started making my daughter and her baby doll matching outfits and it. is. so. fun. I’m also making my son and his cousin something that matches. Kids are so fun to sew for! img_3031.jpg
  4. Wet Bags. If you are fortunate enough to find waterproof fabric, you can make wet bags for everyone!  I’ve seen them with both zipper and velcro closures in a range of sizes. We use them for wet clothes after swimming, we keep our diaper kit in one and use them for snacks!
  5. Pyjamas. One of the first gifts I made my husband was extra-long (He’s 6’3″) hockey pyjama pants. So fast and so fun!
  6. Hats and mitts. Even if you are a knitter, it is way faster to sew a toque or mittens that to knit from scratch.
  7. Felt foods. My daughter’s favourite game lately is “cooking class” after learning how to make quesadillas at our local grocery store. These are great for toddlers and young kids. 20171220_1231531899340051
  8. Loungewear. Everyone loves cozy clothes and the great thing about loungewear is that it doesn’t need to fit. My faves are the Suki Robe, the Linden Sweatshirt and I’m told the Hudson Pants are good.
  9. Custom Tea Towels. I love getting tea towels as a gift because, if it were up to me, I would use the same grimy, boring dish towels forever. I’ve been dying to try designing my own since hearing about Spoonflower’s tutorial on the Love to Sew Podcast. 

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