An even more mini capsule for Baby Doll

For Christmas, I made my daughter and her baby doll matching Geraniums and my daughter recently realized that she had the same shirt in her drawer as her baby was wearing. Despite the top being too small and too hot for June, it’s the first thing she picks out of her drawer. While making C’s summer capsule out of my scraps, I used the even smaller scraps to make her baby The. Same. Clothes.

My kiddo’s baby doll is a 12-inch Melissa and Doug Mariana and I had a good deal of trouble finding patterns online to fit her. Most 12-inch doll patterns are made for girl dolls who have completely different proportions. I did find one pattern meant for water baby dolls that seemed to fit okay with some minor modifications.

I found this pattern just a bit too wide (both the bodice and the bloomers). I took a 1/4 off both patterns where the pattern in placed on the fold. I did this after making the tanks, so you can see the difference in fit between them and the Geranium hack.

I used the bodice pattern to make a mini Geranium top and also lengthened it to make two cute tank tops to go with my daughter’s Rio Racerbacks by Peek-a-boo Patterns. The bloomers easily turned into little bicycle shorts to match the Yoga Girl shorts also by Peek-a-boo.

My proudest achievement, however, was the mini bucket hat. I made my daughter the freebie hat from Oliver + s and knew it would be a struggle to keep it on her. I figured my best bet to motivate her to wear her hat was to make baby a matching one.

What I did was measure baby’s head circumference and compare it to the pattern. It turns out baby’s head measures 10 inches around and a size medium is for a 20-inch head. I basically then printed the pattern at 50 per cent scale and cut out a medium. The original seam allowance was 1/2 inch, so that very easily became 1/4 inch.

I decided to “save myself time” and not line the hat, which was a huge mistake. Lining the hat would have taken significantly less time than dealing with flipping under edges on such a tiny garment. Live and learn! I also added a little bit of elastic to keep the hat on baby’s head.

So far, my kid isn’t overly hyped about their matching wardrobes but she gets it. I, however, derive great pleasure from switching out baby’s clothes on occasion to match my daughter’s.

4 thoughts on “An even more mini capsule for Baby Doll

  1. This is so intensely adorable, I can’t even handle it! Haha. The matching outfits are great, and it’s great that your daughter’s doll has such a varied wardrobe.

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