Easy Christmas Gifts You can Sew

For a good, long time, my friends and family got exclusively homemade gifts. I always figured that those gifts were opened, used once, and then lost in the void of gifts no one really needs. But, no! When I asked those special people in my life to send me pictures of those years-ago gifts, I was inundated with many, many photos. Here’s a roundup of home-sewn gifts the people in your life will love.

  1. img-20181104-wa0005915839288.jpgMongram totebag. This bag is the fricken easiest, but looks so good. I finished the insides with French seams so it looks extra pretty and then used a doily to stencil the monogram. I used this tutorial I found on pinterest!
  2. img_69401084128850.jpgZipper pouch. I had some fun with fat quarters and made a whole bunch of these bags for pretty much every woman in my life. The bag is a small, lined bag very similar to the ones I make with my Sewing Club at school. I use the cheapy little zippers you can get 3/1$ so it’s a really affordable project. I love small zipper bags to keep my purse organized, to conceal tampons on my way to the washroom, and for pretty much everything.
  3. img-20181104-wa0009879066600.jpgJewelry rolls. I travel a decent amount, so this was something I originally made in advance of a trip I was taking, but knew I needed to make one for everyone I knew. I can’t find the exact tutorial, but it’s really, really easy. It’s similar to this one, only without the plastic and the ring rollIt can also easily become a makeup brush holder. 
  4. 20171220_123334658821417.jpgA Linden Sweatshirt. This is a great pattern to make as a gift because it’s really easy to guess on sizing. Due to the raglan sleeve, it’s pretty hard for this sweater to look too big (helloooo cozy!) and it takes very little fabric, especially if you use scraps for contrasting parts. I prefer to splurge on extra snuggly fabric to give the gift of luxurious loungewear.
  5. Pyjama bottoms. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a classic for me. It’s ridiculously easy, but also an opportunity to make someone you love the pyjamas they have dreamed of forever. This is your opportunity to add in-seam pockets, use a favourite team’s colours, or even lengthen the inseam for your taller-than-average relatives. Seriously, tall people almost never have access to pants that reach the floor and will extra appreciate this.
  6. A fancy apron. I have made SO MANY aprons, but this one is by far my favourite. I thrifted a shirt and suit jacket, sewed them together, chopped off the sides and finished it off with bias tape. It was sooooo simple, but so much fun!
  7. 20160823_150512A custom garment. This is only if you really feel like it, because designing and tailoring a custom garment takes a lot of time and effort. I designed this skirt for my sister-in-law a few years ago and loved every minute of it. If you are going to attempt to make the perfect clothing item for a loved one, I recommend a skirt as there is minimal fitting involved but so many options for customization. Bonus points if you get to use special fabric, like I did with this wool her grandparents bought in Scotland decades ago.
  8. Doll clothes and accessories. My nephew was really into the baby doll his parents got him a few years ago, so I sewed a bunch of gender neutral doll clothes as well as a baby Mei Tei. His younger sister wore her baby in the carrier while they were hiking in the Maritimes this summer. wp-image1865471644.jpg

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