The 2019 Sewist Gift Guide

If you’re like me, your parents or in-laws are hounding you for Christmas gift ideas. I thought I would share my list to give you ideas (or make it easy for you to pass on to your loved ones!) This year, I’m expanding beyond just sewing as I know many of you are also general crafters/parents/into sustainability. (And here’s last year’s guide if you want even more ideas!)

Stuff I am lusting after this year:

  1. An expandable button guide. I put it on my list last year and still want it. I make sooo many shirts and this would be sooo helpful!
  2. A 1/4 inch bias tape maker. I have a half-incher, but I find I’m using bias tape more often on hems and end up trimming.
  3. A loop turner. I hate turning drawstrings and spaghetti straps and maybe this will make it better?
  4. These adorable snips. One hundred per cent because they are pretty.
  5. An iron protector. These help avoid accidentally your iron accidentally spitting and scorching your fabric.
  6. Fray stop. I ALWAYS need more
  7. Fun labels for handmade clothes. I’ve run out of my custom ones and I need a way to mark the back!
  8. A knitting kit! I love the idea of these because I always fail to select the right wool for a project and this takes out the guesswork. I looooove this one in Cameo Rose…
  9. Bath and body products from Lush. We’ve been trying to eliminate single-use plastics from our home and really appreciate Lush’s naked products or really recyclable packaging.
  10. Shave soap. I stopped using aerosol shaving cream a very long time year ago but haven’t taken the time to find a good replacement. I switched to a safety razor this year and feel like I need to upgrade my shave cream from conditioner I’ve been using for years.
  11. Antoni from Queer Eye’s cookbook. I love this guy and I love food, so I feel like I will love this book.
  12. Yum and Yummer. I’ve heard good things about this book and am always looking for new dairy-free/meatless/vegan dinner ideas.




3 thoughts on “The 2019 Sewist Gift Guide

  1. Friendly soap make a shave soap bar.. it’s inexpensive and lasts ages. No nasties in there either. You can get it from the ethical superstore. I think local zero waste shops will stock it too. Maybe holland and Barrett will have it.

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