Best and Worst of 2022

Every year, I like to do a little review of my makes so I can reflect on what worked for me and what definitely didn’t. Here’s how this year went!

The Best

  1. The ruffly Hannah Wrap Skirt. I made this one late in the year, but it’s already got to be one of my most worn garments. I don’t usually wear colours or prints on the bottom so it’s really fun to wear this skirt.
  2. The Women’s Essential Tee. It blows my mind that I didn’t have a basic white tee before this. I love everything about it except how sheer it is, so I’ll be trying to find more opaque white jersey soon so I can make another I’ll feel comfortable wearing at school.
  3. The self-drafted shirred dress. This was the dress I was saddest to put away when it got too cold. It’s the comfiest thing ever but also looks amazing (IMO) so I wore it basically constantly through the summer. I can’t wait for the weather to get warm again so I can put it back into rotation!

The Worst

  1. The Jeans That Never Were. I still have all the pieces cut out and ready in my WIP bin but can’t bring myself to sew them. I hate pants and am very happy wearing skirts and dresses lately so maybe I’ll never make them. Who knows.
  2. The Ballad Blouse. I can’t remember if I made this late last year or early this, but Im counting it anyway. I was so exited when I found this pattern but never wear this top. I think I need a lighter fabric and would make the button plackets skinner next time.
  3. The Women’s Essential Tee Dress. I this this is another instance of using a too-heavy fabric. I just hate the way this dress falls on my body which bugs me because it should be an easy outfit but is somehow not.

Honourable Mentions

  1. The French Terry PJs I made using the the Women’s Essential Tee pattern and the Cozy pants pattern. They’re not amazing, but they’re the first Jammie’s I’ve not been embarrassed to wear in front of my in-laws in a while.
  2. The self-drafted tote bag. This bag is nothing special, but it needed to be noted because I’ve used it for school literally every day since I made it.
  3. The Rainproof Hoodie Parka. This is another one that I don’t love, but gets the job done. I think I just don’t love how open the hood/collar is when I wear it open. But whatever, it keeps me dry.

Perennial Faves

  1. Jarrah Tunics. (I have two I hacked to be extra long- one cream, one black). I wear both of them constantly. They’re long enough to wear over leggings, ultra cozy, but nice enough to be seen in. I honestly might make another.
  2. Orchid Midi as a Mini. The burgundy Tencel twill one I made last year is still one of my favourite dresses. It works for so many occasions.
  3. Hunter Coat. I will continue encouraging everyone to get into coat-making. There is nothing better than getting to wear a perfectly fitted coat every day.

Lessons Learned

  1. I really do like neutral wardrobe basics. I’m really enjoying the clean look of putting together a bunch of neutral basics. I will never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt again.
  2. Fabric choice continues to be my biggest downfall. It happens WAY less now, but most of the time, if I’m not happy with a project, it’s usually because the fabric isn’t quite right.
  3. Fit is everything. We had family photos done in October and I wore a cashmere sweater I bought. I was really disappointed with the photos because it was clear that the sweater just didn’t fit well (the sleeves are too long – shocker!) and I wish I had worn something I made that fit well.

One thought on “Best and Worst of 2022

  1. You might consider taking the women’s essential tee dress and turning into a t-shirt or a tunic length t-shirt like your jarrah. T-shirts are so comfortable for the nonstop day that a teacher typically has in the classroom.

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