Done and Done: A Plum Closet Case Kalle tunic

20180415_0939492099415899.jpgDo you remember that need to have a new outfit for the first day of school? I still have that compulsion and thought that I had made enough garments while off on leave to feel like I had something “new” to wear on my first day back to work. Apparently, nothing was quite new or special enough, because I decided Friday of the long weekend that I needed a brand new top for Tuesday.

20180415_0943131609631354.jpgI had already made several knit versions of the Kalle and made many Archers earlier this year, so I had a really good idea of how long I would need to make this top up. The fabric had been calling to me since my Husband gifted it to me on our second anniversary in 2016, but I couldn’t ever find the exact right pattern for it. I was suddenly struck that it needed to be a Kalle tunic immediately. I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I shorted the tunic by two inches (which I can get away with as I’m short), but I think I’ll go back to the recommended length when I make it next.

I chose the band collar, inverted pleat and hidden button placket because I wanted a soft and professional look to go with the flowy cotton voile. These choices were 100 per cent the right ones and I am super happy with how it turned out.

20180330_102431The hidden placket was somewhat scary as it is the first step in constructing the Kalle. You kind of have to guess at button placement and cross your fingers that you’ve not inverted anything and have faith that it will all turn out. It’s totally worth it, though, as it lends such a clean, minimalist look to the shirt and totally lets the fabric do all the talking.

The instructions say that, due to the amount of ease, you shouldn’t need to grade out at the hips if you are a size or two bigger. I cut a straight size, but when I sewed the side seams, realized that it did pull a bit on my hips. I re-did the side seams with a quarter inch seam allowance which gave me just enough ease for the tunic to hang like I wanted.

20180415_1239521818022315.jpgInstead of facing the hem with a self bias strip, as the pattern suggests, I opted to reach for my few remaining lengths of the cream and gold windowpane stripe, because obvi. My favourite part of making my own clothes is adding fun, contrasting details in places only I will see.

The Kalle is quickly becoming my new favourite pattern and I already have so many plans for so many more. I think 2018 will be the summer of the Kalle for me!

2 thoughts on “Done and Done: A Plum Closet Case Kalle tunic

  1. […] The Burgundy Kalle.   Hands down. I have made many, many since, but somehow this is the top I reach for every single week still. My husband gave me this fabric, so maybe part of it is sentimental, or maybe he just knows my taste better than I do. The weight of the fabric is perfectly light, the colour transcends season and the pattern is pretty and subtle without being the tiniest bit twee. […]

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