Done and Done: The Sleeveless Chambray Archer

20171122_110126399206469.jpgThis has been a weird top to make. When I started getting ready to speed-sew my cream and gold Archer Button up ,  I mused that a sleeveless version in the polka dot chambray I had been hoarding would be perfect for spring. As I got ready to start cutting, I realized that the long-sleeved top would be way to hot for the concert I was planning on wearing it to, so I bumped up my sewing plans and cut out the sleeveless shirt, too. From just being an idea to becoming a fully-formed blouse, this top took less than a week to make – which is really weird for me as I have become a super sewing planner. In the interest of time, I didn’t bother with pockets.


I wore it to that concert and a couple of times after, but only ever layered under something (i.e., only the collar was visible), or with a big, cozy cardigan. I realized that I didn’t actually like this top too much as it felt kind of frumpy and made me feel like the middle-aged mom in insert cleaning product here commercials. I realized the fit was just a bit off and that the lack of pockets made the chambray feel too basic.


I also realized that the shape was just a bit off. I nipped it in at the waist too much (I am beginning to realize this is my biggest bad sewing habit) and it looked like a too-big work blouse. I gently eased out the curve at the waist and basically drew a straight line from the bust to hip adding about 1/8 inch in the seam at the waist (which translates to a 1/2 inch over all). The fit is way more casual now.

20171012_153417I had just enough to make this top without sleeves, but I honestly don’t know if I would have put sleeves on it if I could have. This chambray is super soft and light and perfect for summer. I also far prefer sleeveless blouses as they layer way better under sweaters and cardigans and, for me at least, are year-round garments.

20171012_153332I originally cut this shirt out exactly like the cream and gold Archer and simply shaved an inch off the shoulder to make it sleeveless. I didn’t even bother altering or re-tracing the pattern and just chopped it off the fabric once I got the yoke in. If you plan on making a sleeveless Archer, I’d recommend this over altering your pattern as it’s way faster and you can figure out exactly where you want the shoulder to hit once you’ve got the bones of the top together.

20171012_153525My other favourite parts of this top are the contrasting pieces. I am still so in love with the dainty, gold windowpane check on this cream fabric and knew I had to use more of it. I used it for the inside yoke, under collar and bias binding for the armholes. This shirt is so nice on the inside that I’m tempted to wear it inside out.


I wore this top to the concert and then again for Thanksgiving dinner layered under my short-sleeved Linden and it looked fantastic. While not quite my favourite Archer, I think this may end up being my most-worn iteration. I can see it coming out a lot when I go back to work and the temperature rises again. For now, I think it’s going to be an MVP for layering under my favourite chunky sweaters.

2 thoughts on “Done and Done: The Sleeveless Chambray Archer

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