How to: Pattern Hack a Knit Kalle Top

For a long time, I’ve been searching for the ideal top for work: easy to wear, comfy and versatile. I wanted a knit box top that passes the lean over test (I’m a teacher), has enough detail to pass as a work shirt, but casual enough to wear on a weekend and is basically secret pyjamas. I thought to myself, I pretty much want the Closet Case Kalle, but in a knit and without a collar. And then I remembered that I can do that, so I did.

I whipped up three so I could perfect my method before sharing this hack with you, and I’m pretty confident in this top. It. Is. The. Best. There are shockingly few adjustments to make to this pattern to make it knit-appropriate and the great design details Closet Case snuck in for the woven version still elevate this top in a stretchy fabric. If you are looking for your spring/summer uniform, look no further!… Read More How to: Pattern Hack a Knit Kalle Top

Done and Done: The Sleeveless Chambray Archer

Is there such a thing as an “impulse make?” That’s the only way I can think to describe this top. When I started getting ready to speed-sew my cream and gold Archer Button up ,  I mused that a sleeveless version in the polka dot chambray I had been hoarding would be perfect for spring. As I got ready to start cutting, I realized that the long-sleeved top would be way to hot for the concert I was planning on wearing it to, so I bumped up my sewing plans and cut out the sleeveless shirt, too. From just being an idea to becoming a fully-formed blouse, this top took less than a week to make – which is really weird for me as I have become a super sewing planner. But I couldn’t be happier with it. … Read More Done and Done: The Sleeveless Chambray Archer

Done and Done: A (Baby-Wearing/Maternity) Kelly Anorak

This jacket was both a long time coming and an impulse make. I have been watching just about everyone make a Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns. I initially thought that I didn’t have time to sew one, and, when I first looked at the pattern, thought it was exclusively available as an unlined jacket (which is essentially useless in Ottawa). On a recent fabric shopping trip to Montreal, I told myself I would “keep an eye out” for fabrics and hardware that might be suitable for an eventual Kelly. Obviously, I found awesome fabric and obviously I had to power-sew it before I would need it. It also became evident that I would need something cozy and dry to tuck the baby into on the rainy, cold days – it’s hard to push a stroller and hold an umbrella.… Read More Done and Done: A (Baby-Wearing/Maternity) Kelly Anorak