Done and Done: The limoncello Kalle

If you’ve been following along with my Me Made May posts at all, you’ll know that I am head over heels in love with my Plum Kalle Tunic. I whipped it up the weekend before I went back to work and did not expect it to be my go-to top for everything. Obviously I needed to re-create it!

I’d had this lemon yellow striped shirting in my stash for a quite a while. I picked it up ages ago on a sale rack at Darrell Thomas and wondered forever what on earth I would use it for. And then I realized it was the perfect fabric for a Kalle tunic!

I stuck with the winning formula of hidden button placket, band collar and no pockets. I really, really like this sleek, minimalist look and think it’s the perfect canvas to show off a beautiful and subtle print.

I cut this top using the original length for the Kalle, even though my plum version was shortened by two inches due to fabric constraints. It turns out that this is the perfect length, because when I tried it on, it looked sloppy, unlike my plum top, so I chopped off those two inches.

Everything else on this top went together well. I played with the stripe direction on the yoke and inside collar because why not?

Just like the original, this Kalle makes me feel professional and cool and it’s breezy and light and perfect for those unbearably hot days in June.

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