Done and Done: The banana Kalle tunic

20180527_130512366077529.jpg“Sam, we get it. You really like Kalles.”

I promise this will be the last one (for a while) and I don’t have tons tons to say about since I’ve written extensively about my love of this pattern.

20180512_120117911863165.jpgI had originally planned on this being a Kalle shirt-dress, but after realizing I didn’t love my sailboats version  as much as I expected, I decided to chop this one off to a tunic length, too. What I didn’t remember, until I had finished the whole dang thing – bias binding and all – was that I had shortened both of my other Kalles by two inches.

20180530_1511581944748579.jpgI personally find that it looks too long and makes my already super short legs seem even shorter. I also find that the extra length in the front makes it more prone to wrinkles, especially if you’re sitting down a lot. When I get time, I’ll probably shorten it. But for now, I’ll still wear it.

20180521_133603987393946.jpgI did bind them hem with contrasting yellow stripe leftover from my limoncello Kalle, which I love, but I’ll likely end up chopping it off to redo the hem. 😦 Maybe I will find another fun yellow fabric to bind it with.

20180527_1305281413633013.jpgFor the first time, I made the traditional button placket. It’s nice, but after both the hidden and popover plackets, it seemed too easy. I also find that the lapels don’t fall open as nicely as I’d like. It almost seems like the interfacing I used is too heavy-duty for the light cotton and the placket bends oddly while the collar stands up super straight.

20180527_130623997483263.jpgI’m also not totally sold on this fabric. I loved it in the store. I loved it in my stash. But, somehow, I don’t love it on my body. It’s so bright and busy and feels like just too much for me. I will, however, continue to wear it. It just won’t be the first top out of the clean laundry basket.


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