Disaster strikes

Remember that beautiful green plaid dress I made this summer? The one I lined with flannel to make extra soft and warm for the fall? Well, tried to wear it today. 

I had forgotten the zip was tricky with the bulkiness of the flannel. There’s that one part where seams meet that you have to jiggle the zipper a little to make it over. Mike tried but was too timid to give it the yank it needed. 

I thought I’d be clever and turn around the dress  to zip past the sticky part, swing it bac, and get Mike to do the rest once I got my arms in the holes. Well. 

The zipper split. I couldn’t get it to budge. After several minutes of panicking, thinking I’d have to go to work wearing a dress as a skirt and then trying to hide the flaccid bodice under a roomy sweater, I  popped the pull off, flinging the dress across the room. 

I then promptly balled it up and shoved it into a box so I wouldn’t have to look at it. Mike was tactful enough to ask my how I liked the blueberries in my cornflakes instead of commenting on the black I put on in mourning for the perfect dress I never got to wear. 

I now have to decide what to do. Do I replace the zipper? Do I attempt to re-thread the existing one, hoping it doesn’t give me trouble again? Do I just toss it? I have nearly two meters of the fabric left and could possibly re-make it. I was thinking I’d make a cute swingy top out of it, but I could use it for a skirt? 

I’m feeling so conflicted 😦

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