Yay me! I sewed with knits!

  I’ve fallen into a real pattern of making only dresses, and blouse-skirt combos that can be worn as dresses. Which is awesome, but so impractical. 

I realized a few weeks ago that I had no fall/winter casual clothes. I have pretty work clothes and athletic clothes, but nothing for easy weekend socializing. I think this is because a) I get more joy out of buyin and sewing nicer clothes, and b) I hate working with knits. 

  I decided to confront these two issues in a weekend blitz of sweatshirt. 

  The pattern only gave me a finished bust measurement, but I know my body, so I cut an extra small at the bust and graded to a small on the hips. I made a muslin (yay me!) which is a good thing, as the pattern would have been way too short. Otherwise, I had no adjustments, but I felt so much more confident serging as I went! 

I started with view B, doing the front and back panels in a somewhat stretchy knit that looks like a stockinette stitch on the outside but fuzzy like a fleece on the inside. The sleeves are made out of a diamond pattern quilted fabric. 

  I played around with stitches until I settled on G on my Janome. It looks like two straight stitches and then one zig zag. I found this one had stretch, but also left a clean line one the seam was open. 

I found pressing this material next to impossible as any steam messed with the fuzziness, but a lower setting did nearly nothing. 

I stayed up last night to finish as I was determined to have this sweater for thanksgiving weekend at the in-laws. I’m going to try to squeeze out another Tuesday night. I plan on doing view B, but long enough to be a dress so I can wear it over tights. 

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