Done and Done: A Ribbed, Split-hem Linden

For my husband’s side, we pull names for a sort of Secret Santa and for three out of the last four years, I’ve pulled my sister-in-law’s name. You may remember two years ago, I designed a custom skirt for her. My original plan was to make her a blazer to go with that skirt, but in November she basically bought exactly what I intended to make. I decided to swing from office wear to lounge wear and make her the coziest and chic-est top and cowl to snuggle up in.

Done and Done: A holiday velour Linden

Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve decided to participate in as many online sewing activities as I can – this might be my only chance! When I came across the Christmas Linden Swap hosted by Victoria at, I knew I had to take part. My swap recipient gave me just one requirement (no…

Top five hits and misses of 2017

This has been a crazy year, and I have apparently made an insane amount of things. In January, I’ll be breaking down what I sewed this year so I can better decide what to work on in 2018, but for now I’m reviewing my biggest hits and missed of this year. Enjoy!