I tried it: Batching

I’ve been a big fan of making multiples of any pattern for a long time, so it seemed a natural next step to sew multiple iterations of a garment in one big batch. I made my Bicycle and Kitty Cat Lindens simultaneously and also the Cream and Gold Check and Sleeveless Chambray Archers at the same time. While I am definitely a fan of batching, I feel it only works in specific situations. Keep reading for my newly acquired wisdom on sewing multiple copies of a garment at once.

Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 18

I finished my Kelly Anorak last week , so I’m moving on to my Linden Swap project. After that, I have a handful of small, boring projects fixing and adjusting things. I’ve also been invited to a gala, but don’t have anything to wear. I have just enough time to make a dress, but my…

Done and Done: The Sunburst Linden

It’s no secret that I love the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios.  I am especially in love with my fourth Linden because of this gorgeous sunburst jersey my husband gave me as a second anniversary gift. Year 2 is cotton and the clever man I married went to my favourite local shop and got me three gorgeous lengths of shirting and jersey.