Done and Done: The Sunburst Linden

wp-image-1008391908It’s no secret that I love the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios. I am especially in love with my fourth Linden because of this gorgeous sunburst jersey my husband gave me as a second anniversary gift. Year 2 is cotton and the clever man I married went to my favourite local shop and got me three gorgeous lengths of shirting and jersey.

I had a good amount of this fabric, so I thought I would back view B into a tunic length. I basically added enough length to cover my butt and used the slightly curved hem for the cropped version. Hacking the pattern took very little time, even though I completely retraced it instead of just cutting and pasting, which is what I normally do.

Having made three Lindens before this, I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing and sewing it up was super quick, even the hem. I went for my machine’s stretch stitch and it did a pretty good job.

wp-image-482581197Of course, I immediately threw on this top over some jeggings and danced around it the mustard yellow loveliness. I was dismayed when I went back to the mirror to discover that my cute little tunic hitched its way up my hips and bunched funny. I had more than enough ease around my hips and bum, but I figure the fabric rubbing on my pants and undershirt forced its way up slowly. I wore it around for another 30 or so minutes before deciding that I would not enjoy it as a dress and so chopped off the bottom to make a hem band like a plain ol’ View A Linden. I instantly loved it and started dancing all over again.

20170909_174702Because I sort of hacked the hem band, the pattern placement isn’t the greatest and I have a weird duplicate sunburst thing going on. Unlike my other Lindens, this top was made with one fabric and I really like how it looks. I love this top and I cannot wait to wear it on repeat this fall!

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