Done and Done: A holiday velour Linden

20171113_1344081977884835.jpgSince I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve decided to participate in as many online sewing activities as I can – this might be my only chance! When I came across the Christmas Linden Swap hosted by Victoria at, I knew I had to take part.

20171118_100527950116583.jpgMy swap recipient gave me just one requirement (no blue as she already has lots) and said that she favours jewel tones in the winter. I decided that I wanted to make her something that would be cosy, yet festive, and easy to wash (she’s got two small kids).

img_20171113_141646_1241456218742.jpgI saw this stretch velour and I knew it had to be it. It’s comfy enough to wear with leggings, or could be layered over a blouse for dinner. The burgundy is festive, without screaming Christmas. I figured this colour would work with the jewel tones she wears and will easily work with many shades of blue. I hope she likes it!

img_20171108_082138_7622125377329.jpgI totally fell in love with the velour while making it, and have resolved to make myself a similar top for next Christmas. (I KNOW. I am already planning that far in advance!) One word of advice if you choose to work with this kind of fabric. It sheds like nobody’s business, so plan to move it as little as possible before you serge it. And yes, you must serge it. I am still finding little burgundy lint balls all over my apartment and this was shipped off weeks ago.



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