Three weeks to a realistic capsule wardrobe

You ask, I answer! When I created my Canadian Capsule planner, I laid out how I approach my wardrobe as one, big, continuous capsule wardrobe project, forgetting that I’m farther along on my wardrobe journey than most. If you go from thinking about your garments as individual pieces straight into reading my planner, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed and confused.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to walk you through my process when starting a capsule wardrobe from scratch. I’m going to show you how and where to start, how to be practical about what you want to wear, and how to be realistic about what you have time to actually make yourself. We’re also going to get real about how many garments you need in your ideal wardrobe. You’re not going to be tossing everything you own and repopulating your closet with 50 new items.

The next few weeks will look like this: on Monday, I’ll post a blog post summarizing the steps for the week, including optional homework. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll post to Instagram more detailed information on the week’s theme and activities plus examples of what the process looks for me right now. On Friday, I’ll host office hours on Instagram Live to chat and answer all your questions. Please bring me into your closets and fabric stashes so we can talk details!

Week One of our journey is all about reflection. In this week, we will go through our closets, choose a Level to focus on, and get real about aspirational outfits versus reality.

Week Two will ask you to evaluate what is and isn’t working for you right now. In this week, you’ll figure out what is stopping you from having the wardrobe of your dreams, work out your ideal silhouette and choose colours and fabrics for your capsule.

Week Three is all about planning. We work on a base capsule, prioritize your cash and time, and figure out what you are going to buy versus make.

This week is all about getting ready. What you need to do now is clear some space in your schedule and your mind for some day dreaming and download the Canadian Capsule Planner as we will use it as a workbook. I also recommend you take a gander at my Wardrobe Planning page to get started thinking about your wardrobe.

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