Done and Done: The Megan Nielsen Jarrah Sweater

I bought this pattern in 2018 (in paper form?!?) but somehow only got around to making it now. This is a pretty quick and easy sew but is no less satisfying for it.

I cut a size 14 at the shoulders and graded out to an 18 at the hips, as per my measurements. I wanted to make sure I kept the right amount of easy for maximum coziness, but that was totally unnecessary. Because this pattern has a drop shoulder, there is no need to grade out at the hips for a two or three size difference. I ended up taking mine in.

I also decided that I wanted to make my sweater more like a tunic (as I generally prefer over leggings) so I added two inches in length. I am short (5 ft 2 in), so if you’re taller but want a similar length, adjust accordingly.

The sleeves themselves are quite long and loose. I chose the cuffed version and still find the sleeves pretty big after taking an inch off the length, which is my standard. If I were to make this pattern again, I would probably take off another inch in length and probably an inch in width. But I have a thing with loose sleeves around my wrists, so that’s just my own thing.

I bought this sweater knit at fabrications at least year ago and have been waiting patiently to use it. I can’t remember what it’s made of, but I suspect there’s polyester in it because it’s somewhat slippery on the inside. I was afraid it would be dry and staticky as a result, but so far, I haven’t noticed it sticking to me at all.

This sweater was a pretty nice palate cleanser after taking an age to make that plaid Archer and basically only took a weekend to put together. I’m really glad I got to it now, though, because I’m looking forward to wearing it constantly for the rest of winter.

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