Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 7 (or, “I Love Linden”)

This week was basically spent falling in love with how easy to make (and easy to wear!) The Grainline Linden sweatshirt is. I finished two and got started on two more. Seriously, if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, you’re missing out.

Date: Monday, August 21

Time sewing: 3 minutes; 7 minutes; 15 minutes

What I did: In little bits over the morning, I pinned the side seams and all of the cuffs and bands.

Date: Tuesday, August 22

Time sewing: 20 minutes

What I did: I finished the last little bit of pinning from yesterday and sewed all of the seams!

Date: Wednesday, August 23

Time sewing: 15 minutes

What I did: I pressed all the cuffs and bands for both tops.

Date: Thursday, August 24

Time sewing: 25 minutes; 5 minutes

What I did: I sewed all the cuffs and bands on and tucked in all my serger tails. I put on the one sweater to wear and realized it bagged funny at the hips. It wasn’t shocking as, when I graded the pattern, I thought it looked a little bubbly. As an easy solution, I just shaved off a bit from the over-rounded part with my serger. I was prepared to take apart the bottom band as a second solution, but it was unnecessary. I also ran out to the store to replace that light and also bought a boat-load of buttons for a shirt I have coming up in my queue.

Date: Friday, August 25

Time sewing: 50 minutes

What I did: I retraced the pattern pieces for my short-sleeve and dress-length variations of the Linden. Usually I just cut and paste the same pattern pieces over and over, but I’m loving this pattern so much I want to preserve it.

Date: Saturday, August 26

Time sewing: 45 minutes

What I did: I pinned and cut out the pieces for my next two Lindens. This required some creativity as the fabric for the dress was from my stash and not the reccomended length and what I had picked for the short-sleeve was literally half from the remnant bin and half a previously failed project. I could have gotten this all done in about a half hour if I had sewn like I do during the day (hyper-focused because the baby could wake up literally any second), but the hubby was putting the baby to sleep so I took my time, sipped some tea, ate some orange wedges. It was really relaxing.

Date: Sunday, August 27

Time sewing: 20 minutes

What I did: I pinned the sleeves to shirt fronts and pinned together any cuffs and bands. I also got my machines ready, including replacing that burnt out bulb finally! I also quickly sewed a lining into a toque I knitted, but in my mind that’s classified as knitting time, so I won’t count it.

Total time sewing this week: 3 hours 25 minutes

What I learned:

  • Having done a pattern once, it’s easy to figure out which steps can be done together (often out of order) to maximize efficiency!
  • Tucking in serger tails takes way less time than I thought. I always put off doing this as it seems so tedious, but watching the time while doing it made me realize it’s a quick job.
  • There are two kinds of sewing: ultra-focused, get sh*t done sewing and leisurely sewing. Both are great for different reasons and I’m going to try to work more of the latter into my routine.
  • Knits rule. I used to sew a lot of dresses because I enjoyed the pattern and fabric, but would wear them less than a handful of times. Now that I’m not afraid of knits, I sew much simpler garments, but ones I wear on repeat and it’s so much more satisfying.

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