The lost dress (Or, the one I forgot to blog last June)

20170129_092952After finishing my Best and Worst of 2016, I had this feeling I was missing something. It turns out I was! I never blogged about the dress I made in June for the Leaving Ceremony for our Grade 6s (it’s not quite a graduation) and to wear to my cousin’s wedding in July. This is likely as I finished it literally at 11 p.m. the night before the ceremony and left four days later for Europe. There was no time to blog.

I had purchased the fabric at least a year earlier and had taken my time deciding what to use it for. It was lightweight and had some stretch to it (though it’s a woven) and featured a gorgeous, huge, fuschia pattern. I knew immediately that whatever I did with this had to feature this amazing print. I wanted to channel some Stella McCartney and use the wavy, ornate pattern to accentuate my shape.

20170129_092957I knew I wanted to make another basic fit and flare dress like the blue roses dress from several years ago. I wasn’t totally happy with the fit of the original (I made it before I knew about muslins) so I made a muslin of the bodice to ensure a perfect fit and to ensure that my pattern placement was perfect.

IMG_20160622_194625For the skirt, I decided to forego the pattern and opt for a more rectangular dirndl skirt so that I could highlight the pattern, uninterrupted. Luckily, I bought lots and lots of this fabric, so I had some to waste in order to get things just right. (Unfortunately, I buggered one part up and not all of my seams match perfectly, but the gathering hides it and I’m happy with it).

I used a light, stretchy lining, so the dress is perfect for the summer. I find that the style is fun but professional enough to get me through many occasions. I still love the cut and the fabric. I think this pattern is making its way into my heart as a favourite. I’ve already got my eye on it for the amazing abstract flamingo border print fabric I picked up on my travels last summer. I’m already excited to get back to my normal shape so I can make it up!



4 thoughts on “The lost dress (Or, the one I forgot to blog last June)

  1. […] Orignally, I thought I would buy a dress because I’d read that sequins are a pain to deal with, but, if you’ve made your own clothes for any length of time, you’ll know that RTW is never exactly what you want and why settle when you can make your own? Plan B was a RTW champagne-themed top and a me-made sequin dirndl skirt because it seemed the easiest option. But, then, I did some more reading on sequins and realized not all are created equal and headed to the fabric store. There, I fell in love with these  multi-directional blush pink sequins that had juuuuuuust enough left on the bolt (in two pieces – that took some creative pattern placement) for my old favourite Simplicity by Cynthia Rowley s1873 that I’ve actually made three times already (the blue roses, the green failure, and the pink print.) […]

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