Stop making individual garments

Last spring, I had this genius idea to make a blouse and a skirt that I could wear together to look like a dress, or as stand alone garments. These items continue to be some of my favourites as they work so well as separates, but are also tons of fun together. I’m also still love playing with scale and enjoy having the big and small gingham check together.

Last fall, I attempted to do the same thing, but failed to make one single wearable item. The moral of that season of sewing was always, always make a muslin. But practically, the idea was sound, it just failed in the exectuation. For these garments, the plan was to use a solid and a plaid in the same colour to make items easily layered.

I decided to have another whack at it this spring. I needed easy, versatile clothes for our trip that I could wear a thousand ways and not get bored. Thus, I made the chambray top and skirt that together, made a cute, easy dress. Using the same fabric is the easiest way to make two separates look like one dress.

Making clothes in batches that go together is definitely a strategy that works for me. When dressing for Me Made May, it was these items that were easiest to wear as they were aleady built into outfits. This is definitely how I am going to plan my fall wardrobe!


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