The fall collection

Feeling very proud of my very homemade and very coordinated outfit. Skirt, blouse and necklace all made by me!
Feeling very proud of my very homemade and very coordinated outfit. Skirt, blouse and necklace all made by me!

If you’ve been anywhere near my Pinterest page, you’ll know I’ve been deeply researching capsule wardrobes. My gingham and chambray pieces were meant to coordinate so I could mix and match and get a lot of wear out of them. It worked so well, creating mini capsules has become my new sewing strategy.

I went to Fabricland with my super patient sister, with a handful of potential patterns and a colour palette. I knew I wanted to make another fit and flare dress, some kind of jacket, a blouse, maybe a pencil skirt and maybe a cape. My palette was oxblood/burgundy, blush, grey, black. I was feeling some kind of plaid and texture. Wool, maybe? I wanted warmth.

This is the summery version of the dress I'll be making.
This is the summery version of the dress I’ll be makin

The dress pattern I have had for years – I made it out of a summery blue rose printed cotton, but totally butchered it. It looks fine on the outside, but the inside is a mess. I actually re-set the zipper last summer I was so unhappy with it. But I love the cut and the pattern, so I hang on to it. For a very long time, I’ve been yearning to make a fall/winter version. I went in looking for a burgundy plaid and nearly found it. I came across a table of light suiting with black, hunter green and burgundy versions. Unfortunately, the only plaid was a green. I had resolved myself to the solid burgundy, but kept thinking about the plaid. I hemmed and hawed, and after 45 minutes, switched it out. I’m really glad I did as I think it’s going to work really well with what I already have. I loved the fabric so much I bought it in both solid and plaid and have plans for several coordinating pieces.


I’m making View B of the dress on pattern Simplicity 1873 with the green plaid and lining it with black flannelette. I freeze in the winter, so I want this dress to be nice and toasty. I have plans to make a big sash that can be tied into a bow in the front or back. I may make it plaid on one side and solid green on the other. Or I may just make two I can switch out.

View D, hopefully reversible
View D, hopefully reversible

I’m making View D of the jacket on pattern Simplicity 2250. I bought this pattern years ago (by mistake actually) and made the dress for my sister. I make a ton of dresses and never bother to look at the little jacket patterns that come with them. I noticed this little jacket when flipping through my patterns today and I think it’s going to look really cute. I’m going to make it reversible with princess seams as the fabric itself is that pretty green on one side and grey on the other. I’m going to attempt to make the one side solid green and the other grey, but I may need to do all the edges in grey.

View D, with 3/4 sleeves

Lastly, I’m attempting the peplum blouse again. I know what I did wrong on the chambray version, so I’m feeling confident this time. I’m going to do View D of Butterick pattern B6097, only without the cuffs. I don’t feel like fussing with them, and actually hate the way they feel anyway. I’m thinking I’ll do a 3/4 or 7/8 sleeve. Perhaps with a scalloped edge? I’ve been dying to do something scalloped.

All three together. So matchy!
All three together. So matchy!

To top it all off, I want to find a black (and/or hunter green, and/or burgundy!??) satin or velvet ribbon to wear as a bow around my neck. I want to incorporate some more texture, and have been in love with the idea since I saw it in this article in Harper’s Bazaar about uniform dressing. I’ve seen these bow ties all over Pinterest in various sizes and am in love!

My only purchases for the fall will likely be a new black bag (Kate Spade), a crew neck, cable-knit sweater, and a new pair of black flats. I’m feeling pretty good about this as I only spent $165 on notions and fabric!

4 thoughts on “The fall collection

  1. Loved this post, Samantha!! Gingham and chambray are my fashion twin pillars! I, too, want to sew my own versatile items, just like you!! It’ll make for easier style options when you modify it exactly how you want! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more!!

  2. […] Last fall, I attempted to do the same thing, but failed to make one single wearable item. The moral of that season of sewing was always, always make a muslin. But practically, the idea was sound, it just failed in the exectuation. For these garments, the plan was to use a solid and a plaid in the same colour to make items easily layered. […]

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