A mid-winter resolution

I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, but believe in setting goals all of the time. I decided this week my new goal is to do something creative for 30 minutes per day.
I find it so easy to not allow myself to sew (I can’t make a big mess in the guest room where I sew, I should really hem those pants first, I need to get supper done with before I can do anything else…), but I find days where I get home from work, eat, then go to bed really draining. We finish dishes (we have to do them by hand) and there is just enough time to watch a 20-minute episode of something before collapsing into bed.
My new goal is to spend the first 30 minutes of my time at home doing something creative. This is generally going to mean sewing, but it could also be knitting or crafting or blogging.
Today was Day One. I got home, stowed my purse,  set a timer on my phone and gleefully reached into my pattern box. My typical sewing routine is to wait until i have a good chunk of time (think long weekend or March break) and then basically sew steady until im done. I’ll go days only eating breakfast and that only because Mike makes it for me. Sewing in short bursts is not what I do, but I’m realizing it is a necessary tactic to employ.


I got the pattern mostly cut out and graded and nearly ready to pin tomorrow and already feel a thousand times happier than all the normal week days I don’t sew. The project I am working on I had sort of pushed back in my mind and expected I would only get to over the March Break, but I might even have it done by then!


I’m making what I hope is a wearable muslin. I’m out of muslin  (or anything I could conceivably use as muslin) and won’t get the chance to get to a fabric store in a while. I feel like I can get away with it because the dress is a simple, loose pull over type with an elastic waist. I plan on making a simplified version first out of a cotton print and then later as per the actual pattern with a floral chiffon.


For this iteration, I’m not bothering with the wrap top or the flounce on the skirt. I’m going to modify the neckline to be higher and rounded – I’m copy the back bodice piece and lower the neckline about an inch and round it out more. I’m also going to add four inches to the length because I’d like it to fall at the knees. If I get it done soon, and it’s still cold, I envision wearing it over tights with a cute cardigan and tall boots. Here’s hoping!

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