Lesson learned


So I made this dress. It was meant to be a “wearable muslin” for another dress I was going to make later.  I figured since the design was meant to be loose and casual anyway,  it couldn’t turn out that bad.
Regardless of grading to bodice to be a size smaller, the bust is way over large. I mean, the whole thing is too big, but the bust in particular. I will never again not make a muslin.

I think two things happened here: the fabric wasn’t as drapey as I thought and the dress was significantly more blousey than it looked. Also, the ease in this thing is ridiculous. I started to pin it to see how I would change the pattern for Take 2, but I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen. I would literally have to take in an inch on each piece (yes, at least FOUR inches all around) to make it not look like I was a kid in my mom’s clothes. I would also have to make the shoulder narrower. AND I would have to make the bodice about an inch shorter. So really, I should cut it out about 4 sizes smaller. Which is a problem, because I’ve already cut the smallest size (I got it on sale and thought the larger sized pattern would be fine.  So not.


The dress itself is fine – I even put in pockets! – but it just looks ridiculous on me. I’m not sure it would look great if it fit either. I’m seriously considering abandoning the whole project and finding an entirely new pattern for the fabric.  Ah well, I guess I learned something so it wasn’t a total waste. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Lesson learned

  1. […] The unwearable muslin. I painstakingly pieced together this “muslin” that was really a totally finished dress I figured I didn’t need to make a muslin for because it is a loose fit. What happened is that the whole thing ended up far too big. Even 6 months pregnant, it’s too big. I KNOW. It’s way too big in the shoulders, the bust gapes and the skirt too voluminous (in an “add way too much volume” kind of way.) I don’t hate it though as the inside is beautiful, so at least I will always have that. Sigh. […]

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