The bathroom!


While this project involved very minimal sewing, I feel like the DIY approach and teensy curtain make it halfway relevant for the blog. That and my mom asked for pictures.

The old bathroom was awful. When we moved in, the old towel rack left huge holes. The management did eventually patch them, but never painted and it looked awful (particularly when the bathroom was nice and steamy – there was a definite, if jagged, line demarcating where the plaster met paint.) Almost three years later I was sick of waiting and decided to just paint it.

The real catalyst was my melting our of shower curtain in the dryer. It still worked but was ugly as heck and no longer spanned the entire length of the tub, which was a real problem. Mike is very splashy in the shower.

Of course I couldn’t just get a new shower curtain and give the wall a coat of white. Of course I had to spend hours at Winner’s waxing poetic about the merits of multiple teal shower curtains (sorry, Mike). Of course I had to deep-clean the whole room and reorganize everything. Of course.

So. We painted one wall (and some trim) grey-purple that is more purple than I wanted. That’s okay.

We got a new shower curtain, bowed rod and hooks. The extra couple of inches it affords are glorious. And it was super simple to put up. (Well, at least, that’s what Mike says. He put it up for me.)

We ditched the rusted out stand up corner shower organizer. I was hesitant to get anything that hangs over the shower head as they generally swing and are ridiculously annoying. This one has a grip and suction cups and never moves.

We got a new soap pump and a vase (which will eventually be home to a frosty fern. It’s still on order) and a random matching dish which turns out is ultra useful. My jewelry goes in there when I’m heading into the bath!

I’m so much less embarrassed now to have guests use our washroom. I very much felt like it looked super sketch and was the one glaring reminder that we are definitely renting in a cheaper neighbour hood.

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