A new apron!

My old apron, darling as it was, bit the dust. I wear it now out of habit whenever I’m in the kitchen. If I don’t I find myself wiping olive oil on my stomach. I wore my trusty LBD (Really, it looked like a little black dress) every day for about three years. Finally, the ties at the waist were so shredded unknotting them became an arduous task.

IMG_1581While in Montreal, I set out to find some fun fabric for a new apron. I found it in this adorable navy print with whimsical utenstils and lace napkins on it. I knew I wanted something vaguely retro so I could make something resembling a 50s housewife dress.

IMG_1570This apron was pretty simple to make. It basically consisted of two rectangles and a bunch of bias tape. The “skirt” of the apron was gathered to create the fit and flair look. The “bib” was another rectangle edged in bias tape. It was all connected with a 2-inch waistband that ties into a bow at the back. I also added a nice little pocket to hold my phone and hair elastics.

IMG_1584Once I finished, I had to clean something to test it out. I loved it then and I love it now! When I hung it up on my little peg, I realized that almost everything on my little hook (it included), I made! The suit apron I made for Mike as a gift a couple of years ago. The potholders were my first (failed) attempt at quilting. The hooks are a big board covered in fabric with little hooks screwed in the bottom. IMG_1567

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