Covered buttons and a Peter Pan collar

IMG_1379I finished the blouse! Yay! After figuring out the hem, the rest was fairly easy. The big challenge was trying out covered buttons, which weren’t actually too difficult. I tried the plastic kind, but don’t think I’d use them again. They were very simple to put together, but didn’t look super great once done. I’ve picked up a package of the metal ones for the next time.

IMG_1368I didn’t bother picking up the do-hickey that helps put them together as I’ve read they aren’t really necessary. I used plyers (I covered all exposed parts of the button with scrap fabric to make sure it didn’t scratch. The most difficult part was making sure the edges didn’t fray and I got all of the fabric into the button.

IMG_1376Once covered, the long, white shaft of the button didn’t look too great, so I wrapped green thread around it when I sewed the buttons on. I tried the blouse on (squee!) and it was very warm (double squee!!) and I am very much looking forward to the coller weather to get to wear it! IMG_1379IMG_1383IMG_1381IMG_1385IMG_1386

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