Rosette accessories

IMG_1300This is one of the first projects I have my sewing club students make as rosettes are super simple and you can do about a zillion things with them. They are also really hard to screw up and a great way to practice stitching by hand if you’ve never done it before.

IMG_1274Start with a strip of fabric. For a large rosette cut 34 inches x 6 inches, for a medium sized one, cut 18″ x 4″, and small 16″ x 2″ .

IMG_1275Knot one end tightly. You will be twisting the band of fabric as you roll it around the knot in a spiral. IMG_1281IMG_1283IMG_1285IMG_1286There is no right or wrong way to sew this up, just make sure everything is secured and that you keep the stitches on the back side. Make sure to finish off your stitches by sewing three or four stitches on the same spot.

Once you’re done, you can sew a pin or a hair elastic to the back, embellish the middle with buttons or beads, or you can even sew together a cluster and attach it to a chain to make a neckace! IMG_1287IMG_1289IMG_1301

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