Hello again!

Hey pals! I’m writing to give you a good news update – I’m bringing back this long-neglected blog!

For a while, I focused most of my attention on Instagram because that’s what I found most fun. My favourite part of the online sewing community is having conversations and making friends and I’m finding that is happening less and less on IG, so I’m going to be posting on here more as well as my soon-to-come Patreon.

The other main reason is that I often like to write more than an Instagram caption will allow me and I find it hard to refer people back to old posts. I know y’all like tutorials and they’re honestly easier to put together in a long-form blog post than a reel.

The one thing I ask of you, friends, is to comment and write to me so I know how you’re getting along and what you’re enjoying. I love getting feedback and just chatting in general – it’s my favourite part of creating an online space for people who love making clothes and planning wardrobes.

And, as always, I want to thank you for being here and supporting me 😊


6 thoughts on “Hello again!

    1. Hahaha I get that. Please do comment when you have something to say so I know what I can write more about!

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