Coming up in 2022

Hey pals! This blog has been somewhat neglected lately and I wanted to tell you why. I’ve been focusing on Instagram content lately because I find it easier and find I connect with more people that way.

Blogging is pretty onerous and I haven’t had the time lately. BUT! I’ve got some big plans for sewing and social media in 2022.

I’ve applied for a partial leave of absence for next school year. My hope is to work 4 days a week at the school and have the fifth day to work on sewing and content creation.

I’ve also decided to work on monetizing content that takes more time and effort to create. I experimented with giveaways and sponsored content in 2021 and I’m not sure it’s my jam.

Sometime this spring, I plan to launch a newsletter for paid subscribers (probably through patreon) with a variety of content and perks. I want to make sure I add value to the subscription, so please leave a comment to tell me what you’d be most interested.

And if you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, click on over there to see what I’m up to lately!

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