Blog update and feedback wanted

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I have written on here and wanted to drop you all a line. I’m still here! I’m still sewing! I’m just focusing my writing efforts on Instagram. I found that my once weekly posts were just too much work and most of them weren’t terribly popular.

Moving forward, I’m going to continue posting on Instagram regularly (follow me!) and complement those posts with the blog when I’ve got too much to write for Instagram or I want something to stay more permanent. I’d love you to tell me what kind of posts you’re most interested in reading here. I’ll write a list below and would be so grateful if you could leave me a comment about what posts on here you’re most likely to read. Thanks so much, friends!

What types of posts are you most likely to read?

  • posts of finished projects
  • tutorials
  • pattern hacks
  • pattern reviews
  • tool/machine reviews
  • wardrobe planning
  • gift guides
  • musings on being a maker while also a parent/working adult

15 thoughts on “Blog update and feedback wanted

  1. I like the most your posts of finished projects,
    pattern hacks, pattern reviews and above all
    musings on being a maker while also a parent/working adult. I have discovered your blog quite recently (through Instagram) and actually go back now to read it almost from the start. Already picked up a few advices i will use, plus i regret i didn’t know your blog before my maternity…. 😉

  2. Late to the party but instead of picking one…I thought I would rank them

    pattern hacks
    musings on being a maker while also a parent/working adult
    wardrobe planning
    pattern reviews/tool/machine reviews
    gift guides
    posts of finished projects
    They go from top to bottom for blog and bottom to top for instagram

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