Level 1: Loungewear

I’m going to keep saying this: You 👏 Deserve 👏 Clothes 👏 That 👏 Make 👏 You 👏 Feel 👏 Good 👏

This doesn’t just mean comfy. This doesn’t just mean cute. This doesn’t just mean make you feel confident. It means all three at the same time. All the time.

This also means the sweats you throw on when you get home from work. I think we too often neglect this part of our wardrobe because we think no one is going to see us, but guess what! YOU see you. You deserve live out your fantasy of being that well put-together person that comes home and looks chic even when making dinner, or watching TV or receiving an Amazon delivery.

Here are my tips to approaching your Level 1 Chic loungewear capsule:

-consider what you actually do between finishing work and going to bed. I do yoga almost every night so my loungewear is a mix of RTW technical leggings and soft tank tops;

-think aspirationally. Think of the mood you’d like to strike with your clothes after work and make that mood happen. Wish you could be a calm mom who makes dinner calmly while her children calmly play in the other room? What are you wearing when that fantasy is playing out? Wear that outfit and the rest will feel that much easier. Or at least you can fake it when someone knocks at the door while you play referee to your kids and the doorbell rings;

-start small. If you currently have no presentable loungewear, invest in one really nice outfit. Next time you’re a houseguest somewhere for a cozy weekend, you’ll thank me;

-make it a mini capsule. My fall/winter Level 1 wardrobe includes three pairs of leggings, three tanks, three bralettes, and three sweaters. They all mix and match.

-stick to your overall colour palette. Your loungewear should match each other, but also matching the rest of your wardrobe give up even more flexibility.

-mix with other levels. Make the most of your loungewear and curate items that cross over into other categories like Athletic Wear or Level 2 Casual Outing clothes. I routinely throw a hat and a jean jacket on over my yoga clothes and call it an outfit. This makes packing for a trip a breeze;

-be realistic about how much time you spend lounging. When I charted out my week in my Canadian Capsule Planner, I realized I needed three to four loungewear outfits! Don’t panic if you’re not there yet. Okay the long game and slowly work your way there by thoughtfully buying or making stuff you love;

-don’t be afraid to buy. It’s easy to get sucked into the trap that loungewear is easy to make so you must make it. I felt guilty for not making my own leggings for aaaages, but I’ve finally decided I’m going to spend the money on the same old Align leggings at Lulu Lemon. It’s hard to source fabric and I don’t enjoy making leggings so why force myself?

If you’re interested in Level 1 Loungewear pattern suggestions, head over to my original post of the Levels of Formality .

4 thoughts on “Level 1: Loungewear

  1. Absolutely YES to having clothes that make me feel good!
    Until recently, I didn’t really think about loungewear too much but with spending more time at home, I really want to invest in a few nice pieces. I’m quite happy with my exercise gear at the moment (Just ordered more sports bras).
    Complicating factors for me are the fact that I’m plus size so the choice is limited (as is my sewing time) and the fact that one of our gerbils has taken to chewing clothes when we let them run around in the evenings – scruffy old clothes are a must *sigh*
    Andrea x

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