Canadian Outerwear Capsule Planner

The goal of my Canadian Capsule is help you feel confident in any weather and in any situation, but I feel like so many of us neglect our outerwear. We forget to plan for it when planning our seasonal capsules or just willfully ignore it because we’re in denial that snow is going to happen. So many of us put up with wearing the same awful parka all winter because it’s warm, but hate every minute of wearing it. I’m here to tell you that you deserve good outerwear that will keep you warm and dry while also managing to make you feel good.

Coats are one of my favourite things to make because it is soooooo hard to find well-fitting ones that you like. I grade between sizes, so I always prioritize making garments that need to fit my top and bottom at the same time because it’s impossible to find something that fits in a store. This basically means that coats and dresses are always the top of my list because I know it’s easier to buy shirts and pants as separates and know they will fit.

But don’t stop your thinking at coats! Footwear is so important in the winter – a warm coat will never be enough if your feet are cold and wet. I know it’s hard to justify spending $300 on boots you’re only going to wear occasionally, but hear me out. My logic is that if I buy one amazing pair of boots that will get me to every nice and formal event between October and May and they last me the next five years (or more), it is money and time well-spent.

The planner is being updated and will be back soon!

One thought on “Canadian Outerwear Capsule Planner

  1. […] It’s easy. Think hard about what kind of bottom you like best, what kind of top, and any outerwear that will have to fit over them. Stick to those silhouettes. It will make your search for patterns […]

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