Done and Done: A family of aprons

This post has been a long time coming. I made semi-matching aprons for my daughter and myself ages ago, but it somehow took way long for me to get around to my husband’s. If you’re a beginner sewist, looking for a project to use up that adorable quilting cotton in your stash, or need a quick-sew gift, look no further!

My husband’s and my aprons were made using the Chef’s apron from a Threads tutorial. I didn’t bother trying to print the pattern to save time and paper, but traced it onto pattern paper using the super handy grid on the pattern. For myself, I shortened the “bodice” by two inches, which is my standard, as well as the “skirt” by another two. I lengthened my husband’s by one inch as he’s quite tall.

My original intention was to make my apron out of just one layer of quilting cotton, but quickly realized it would not be heavy or thick enough to protect my clothes or lay nicely, so I decided to line it. I used some sparkly linen I had in my stash to line mine and just bought two lengths of quilting cotton for his. In order to line it, I simply cut off the extra flap at the top intended to be folded over and just sewed my two layers of apron together. (I basted the straps on first. I honestly think this is an easier way to do it that having to hem all the sides anyway.

For my daughter’s I used the Tiny Chef pattern from Peek-a-boo Patterns. It’s intended for a toddler, I added two inches of length to this for my tall kiddo. My favourite part of this apron is the elasticated neck strap. Some day I’m going to make her the oven mitt to go with it. But today is not that day.

I found this project really satisfying as I don’t usually get to sew with fun quilting cottons. I picked out the fabric for mine and my daughter’s (as you maybe guessed) and my husband chose his. All came from Fabrications except for the linen which was deep stash

Here are all the fabrics in case you are interested:

Green splatters

Similar glittery linen

White for straps

Barbecuing bears (No longer available at Fabrications, but I found it at Darrell Thomas)


Grey for straps

Both of the eggs fabrics seem to be sold out almost everywhere. If you want to do some googling, it’s called Darling Friend Eggs by Ruby Star Society in Caramel and Orchid.

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