New site coming soon!

Doing what I love: sewing things and then writing about them! I’m taking a blogging break in the next little while so I can do a much-needed overhaul of my blog. What kinds of things do you want on the blog?

More stuff for kids? Less stuff for kids? Other DIY projects? Tutorials? Beginner sewing posts? Tips for intermediate sewists to up their game? More posts on motherhood and sewing? Info on new tools? Pattern hacks?

5 thoughts on “New site coming soon!

  1. ALL OF IT!! I love babies- so love your kid content!!
    I’m going to sew with leather…. u mean, there is YouTube for me…
    I love all you are doing! Don’t know how you manage with 2 babies!!

  2. Hello! I’m a lurker since last year. Fellow sewing mom, though there is way more momming than sewing. I would also love to year about how you manage to make so much with 2 kids! Maybe a breakdown on what you’re able to do in 1 day or your typical sewing sessions and how you fit it in. Otherwise, the internet is awash in beginner-friendly resources so I think the intermediate stuff is also a good idea!

    1. Hey! I definitely agree with the amount of beginner resources online, so I think going to stick with intermediate level. Also, I’ve got lots of posts on the blog about momming and sewing but there are definitely more coming!

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