Hacked Hudson hoodies

You finally get to hear about my holiday crafting! I had a lot of plans that didn’t ends up happening, but I made these hoodies a priority.

When I was a kid, I love dressing in matching outfits with my cousin, and my daughter is definitely enjoying “being” her big cousin in hand-me-downs. So this Christmas, I had a little fun making matching dragon and unicorn hoodies for the kids.

I’ve used multiple patterns by Peekaboo Patterns, so I was happy to find they had a really versatile hoodie/top pattern that I could easily hack. All of the fabric is bamboo jersey from fabrications and is insanely soft.

I made a total of four hoodies: two dragon hoodies for the boys (sizes 7 and 6 months) and unicorn hoodies for the girls (sizes 3T and 4T). I chose to do the long-sleeve hooded version, but without the hem band as this fabric is fairly light and felt more like a long-sleeve tee than a hoodie.

Instead of batch cutting, I cut each size out one at a time, starting with the largest, so that I only needed to print out one pattern I could cut down to each size. This was definitely not the most effective use of time, but I have cutting and pasting patterns, so it was worth it.

I did a good amount of testing to find the best way to do the dragon spikes and unicorn ears. I used a fusible fleece interfacing to give them some thickness and basically just serged around two pieces. For the unicorn ears, I sewed a little seam halfway up (vertically) to give the ears some shape.

For the tail, I created a sort of pointed rectangle shape with a centre seam on the top side to sew in the spikes. I put the rest in the hood seam. I did the same for the unicorn horn and hair. The ears were sewn on the head with my cover stitch.

Overall, I think these hoodies were a success! My niece and nephew seemed to like them, and my son looks adorable in his mini version. My daughter has worn hers exactly once and does not seem interested in wearing it every again. Such is sewing for kids!

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