Sewing Goals for 2020

Who is ready for a new year of sewing !? I like to take December off of sewing and blogging to finish up gifts, enjoy time with family and allow myself to miss sewing. Just like every other year, I am back and ready to tackle some new challenges in 2020. This is what I have planned for this new year of sewing:

  1. Try some longer-term projects. I am finally at a place with my wardrobe that I have enough comfy, everyday clothes to fit my body and my lifestyle and feel like I can slow down a bit. One piece I am planning on working on this summer/early fall is a camel wool coat that I have been dreaming of for years.
  2. Make my clothes for my kids. I’ve started keeping any scraps that I can possibly use to make my kids (and their dolls) clothes. I plan on working on a big batch this spring ahead of the summer. I’ve found this a great way to sew through some stash fabrics I once love for myself but somehow never sewn.
  3. Actually follow through on making pants. I know I say this every year, but I have enough tops for a good, long time and many different situations. I have plans to try the Sasha trousers again (in better fabric) before I head back to work in the fall. I figure at the very least I’ll make myself some leggings in the fall. One day I’d really like to make jeans, but I’m trying to be realistic.
  4. Sew for my home. This one may be surprising as my disdain for home dec sewing is not a secret. BUT I found myself extremely inspired by lifestyle bloggers this holiday season and feel it’s time to up my Halloween and Christmas decor game. Right now, we have a mish-mash of cheap decorations that don’t really look like anything and I would love for our decor to look more intentional. My plans are to sew seasonal shams for our pillows and maybe even a new pouf cover so that our spooky Halloween stuff doesn’t get lost in the beige and pastels that currently live in our space. We’ve also got a huge re-org on the horizon when my son is ready to move into his sister’s room.

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